Break out of the Shell

Helping B2B startups to grow

We are Gema

We are a startup accelerator that aims to bring innovative solutions to the corporate market. We provide seed capital and an unprecedented acceleration program, including administrative and commercial support, essential to generate sustainable businesses.

We believe that at this stage the entrepreneur should focus just on building an amazing product and test its business model.

  • We empower entrepreneurs through the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • We conduct weekly follow-up meetings based in performance metrics
  • We connect entrepreneurs to our extensive network of clients and partners
  • Besides the cash investment, we provide the entire infrastructure

Gema’s program

Our acceleration program is strongly focused on applying the technics of Design Thinking and UX. We first and foremost focus on the development of experiences.

Legal and operational support

We want you to focus on developing your business. We take care of the bureaucracy and cover all the costs related to the registration of your company, to accounting and legal advice.


JAN 2018
FEB 2018
MAR 2018
APR 2018


  1. Do I have to be in São Paulo to participate?

    No. Startups from all over the world are welcome, however the activities happens at our co-working space in São Paulo and it is necessary to be present in order to achieve the most from the program.
  2. What do you mean by a B2B accelerator?

    B2B (Business-to-business) includes any commercial activity made between two companies. We have a team and a network with experience and expertise focused on corporate solutions, therefore we are able to create most value for projects in this market.
  3. What can Gema offer to my Startup?

    We offer capital investments, workshops in business models, customer development, design thinking, UX/UI, Lean analytics, online advertising, and SEO. In parallel we offer legal, accounting, and commercial support when needed. Furthermore we open doors to the entrepreneurial ecosystem where we put you in touch with the right partners, mentors, and investors.
  4. What does Gema ask in return?

    In return we will keep a percentage of your equity, but the main thing for us is to have motivated people with entrepreneurial spirit to participate in the activities in our coworking space.
  5. I am alone on my project. Can I sign-up?

    No. To sign up a project it needs a team of minimum a developer, a designer and a business executive. We have a section on out website for vacancies where you can register your resume and join an existing team or finding people for your own team.
  6. Do I need a registered company in order to enter the program?

    No. We have a team available to help you register your company before the beginning of the acceleration period. If your company is already registered, we will help you with the necessary adjustments.
  7. What are the criteria’s selections for the program?

    We take the development stage, the potential market of your project and the capabilities of your staff into account. It is fundamental that the focus is on B2B.
  8. How long is the acceleration program?

    We offer a 6-month acceleration program including mentoring and workshops. Presence is required in order to achieve a better development of your business, but our relationship does not end after the 6 months. For 12 months you can count on legal, accounting and administrative support.
  9. What are the activities that take place during the acceleration program?

    Workshops, individual mentoring, inspirational mentoring, follow-up meeting and moments of relaxation (because no one is superman!).
  10. Why do I need to send a video?

    We require a video about your project, however it does not need to be a professional video. It can be a basic video that shows your passions and describe the problems you are solving. Feel free to express your creativity!